Meet the real women in the DVD –

I kept thinking I’ll do it when I lose weight and that just never happened.” Joanne Okamoto, 50

 "It felt really good to let him see that side of me.” Amy Scott, 27

I think of my body as something to be proud of.” Celeste Barbic, 47

It opens up a whole new avenue of yourself that you maybe hadn’t known existed.” Sonia Stanton, 52

I’ve always danced for my husband, but I wanted some new moves.” Terrie Duenas, 43

Inside my head I’m a model.” Michelle Idell, 25

I feel pretty as I walk down the street.” Lorene Eggett, 40

Whatever you have, you flaunt.” Anne Patrick, 51

I’m not so self conscious anymore.” Gwen Sebay, 41

He told me that I was a sensual woman and it just made me feel so great. I was beaming for the next week.” Debby Willett, 45