Meet the real women in the DVD:

“I kept thinking I’ll do it when I lose weight and that just never happened.” Joanne Okamoto, 50

 "It felt really good to let him see that side of me.” Amy Scott, 27

“I think of my body as something to be proud of.” Celeste Barbic, 47

“It opens up a whole new avenue of yourself that you maybe hadn’t known existed.” Sonia Stanton, 52

“I’ve always danced for my husband, but I wanted some new moves.” Terrie Duenas, 43

“Inside my head I’m a model.” Michelle Idell, 25

“I feel pretty as I walk down the street.” Lorene Eggett, 40

“Whatever you have, you flaunt.” Anne Patrick, 51

“I’m not so self conscious anymore.” Gwen Sebay, 41

“He told me that I was a sensual woman and it just made me feel so great. I was beaming for the next week.” Debby Willett, 45